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FURE 5 — The future of reading

March 8, 2024 in Münster

Die FURE conference is a platform for theory and practice in the fields of design, media and creativity. Next year, it will take place on March 8, 2024. The conference offers space for groundbreaking statements, visions and positions from renowned designers, media professionals and creative people.

Seemingly endless amounts of texts surround us and are omnipresent. The FURE 5 conference asks the question: Is reading ability really at risk, or is the warning of a decline in this competence simply a lament from cultural pessimists? The conference aims to address not only the amount of people read, but also the way we read, especially in the digital age.

The discussions will address various topics, including the new roles that print media can take on in times of digitization, the ideas and opportunities of digital reading, and the mutual influences of print and digital media. The conference will also shed light on changing reading habits and the challenges that reading faces in competition with other techniques such as playing, listening and watching.

Well-known speakers will share their views, including Karin Schmidt-Friderichs from Hermann Schmidt Verlag, Mike John Otto from Artificial Rome, Jutta Echterhoff and Annette Coumont from books for future, Thomas Poschauko, Prof. Dr. Angelika Nollert from Neue Pinakothek Munich, the Amatik Design Agency, Jakob Runge from Typemates, and Olaf Wittrock from Wortwert.

The FURE conference offers a unique opportunity to exchange views on current developments in the area of reading.

Early bird tickets are now available: 42 euros for students and 109 euros for professionals.

The FURE is organized by Rüdiger Quass from Deyen & Patrick Marc Sommer.

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