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The ABC of typography

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What is typography?

If you don't have any professional contact with it, you probably won't encounter this term too often. Perhaps you know that it has something to do with letters or writing. Yet we are surrounded by typography everywhere: texts that we read daily on news portals or in a book, posts on social media, slogans in advertising. Each of these texts is designed, only differently well and effectively.

We find exciting how letters work together. How to catch the readers' eye first and then direct them to the most important information. In the best case scenario, the design makes reading more inviting, easier and more beautiful — by choosing the font, font size, line spacing and line length. All of this (and much more) is typography and has an effect even before you've even started reading.

This book shows — through a relaxed, clear structure of topics and with applications in Adobe InDesign — how to make typography work smartly for you: so that it supports the content, creates moods and texts are read with pleasure. Because typography is fun.

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Natalie Gaspar & Patrick Marc Sommer

The ABC of typography
400 pages, 2020, hardcover,
in color, bookmark,
Rheinwerk Design,
ISBN 978-3-8362-6166-1
photos: Mila Albrecht

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