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Revue — Magazine for the Next Society

Next Society Foundation

The REVUE — takes a playful, ethnographically inspired look at the harbingers of a future that has long since begun to transform our everyday lives. We look at cross-border commuters and surprising neighborhoods, at all the social innovations that are both drivers and results of a digital transformation of how we live and work together.

The “REVUE — Magazine for the Next Society” casts a playful, ethnographically inspired glance at the harbingers of a future that has already begun to turn our everyday lives upside down. We look at Frontier Workers and Surprising Neighborhoods—at all the social changes that are both the driving force and the result of a digital transformation of our coexistence and cooperation.

Editor-in-Chief: Rabea Edel + Friederike Machemer

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Redesign, art direction, layout, typesetting

Team: Christine Lange & Patrick M. Sommer

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