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Klimaxo — In conversation with Volker Kast

Learn more about your CO in a fun way2-Learn footprint? Klimaxo is a card game about climate change for 2 to 6 people aged 12 and over. The aim of the game is to combat climate change by either cooling or heating the Earth's climate (depending on the role) through everyday actions.

The game is still in the Crowdfunding phase.

Photo: Juls Criveller

What exactly is Klimaxo and how is it played?

The game KLIMAXO is not quite a classic card game. It has a playing field that can be easily stored in card form and is therefore perfect for traveling. Gaming fun in competition is combined with scientifically based data, with the aim of making us all more climate-competent in a playful way.

But the game is not simply about saving the earth, but you also take on bad roles in KLIMAXO and then want to really heat up the earth. With strategy, knowledge and speed, you try to trick the other players. Unforeseen events always bring surprising twists and turns before the settlement is settled at the end.

How does Klimaxo raise awareness of climate change and what impact do in-game actions have on the real world?

Switch off the lights, ride a bike, eat a vegetarian diet, etc. — we know that's good for the climate! In everyday life, however, this can sometimes be quite exhausting. The big question is: What is the point of that? Do you already feel guilty if you breathe?

Let me tell you: There are huge differences in the impact of our actions and it is worthwhile to get to know these relationships in more detail, both in the private and public sectors. The game aims to clear up mistakes and enable us to more realistically assess the climate impacts of different behaviours. Because numerous aspects are systematically misjudged by all of us, and environmental psychologists from the University of Magdeburg are researching this, who are assisting with the project.

The comparison between bananas and milk can be used as one of many examples. A liter of milk produced regionally has up to three times the impact of a kilo of bananas. As is so often the case, we often underestimate the cow's climate impact, which is caused by the high greenhouse effect of the emitted methane. At the same time, we overestimate transportation.

With KLIMAXO, you can get to know numerous such examples from the categories of mobility, housing, food and digitization in a playful way. With these, you control the temperature of the earth to where you want it to be. As a hotter, you naturally like things a bit hotter than the protector. ;-)

For curious people who want to learn more, additional background information on the individual climate facts is provided.

What are the advantages of Klimaxo compared to other climate-related games?

The issue of climate change is threatening for many people. At the same time, there is both a large gap in education and systematic errors among all of us on the subject. Clarity and simple rules of thumb could help us in everyday life and perhaps also increase our zest for life with the game. With KLIMAXO, the aim is to deliberately focus on gaming pleasure and to internalize the vivid climate effects at the same time.

This combination in a climate game is unique so far.

How can Klimaxo help players become more climate-conscious in their everyday lives?

Vivid comparisons of climate impacts make relationships clearer and the rules of thumb make climate-conscious decisions easier. KLIMAXO can also promote joint exchange. This can happen among friends or across generations in the family. In my opinion, there is great added value in this exchange and the playful approach to the topic. The project is currently still in crowdfunding on When KLIMAXO becomes a reality, it should be more than just a simple card game, but hopefully it will soon bring the greatest possible climate-positive impulse.


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