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Fermentieren ganz einfach selbst gemacht!

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What do sauerkraut, cheese, yogurt and sourdough bread have in common? They are all created only as a result of a festival of bacteria: the fermentation process!

Fermenting yourself is very easy, works in the home kitchen and without a large appliance. Author Cathrin Brandes, who, as a herb bride in Berlin, offers workshops on how to deal with the beneficial bacteria, shows step by step how it works and how to make even better products from good ingredients. However, the old cooking technique of fermentation, which the grandparents already used, is not only useful for making food durable. A diet with fermented foods also ensures healthy intestinal flora and therefore a healthier body

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book design, typesetting

Team: Christine Lange & Patrick M. Sommer
Texts and styling: Cathrin Brandes
Photography: Florian Bolk

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